OMPL Web Application
The OMPL web app is a front end for motion planning and benchmarking using the Open Motion Planning Library. Users can configure and solve motion planning problems using 3D models of robots and environments as well as visualize solution paths. It also has the ability to benchmark planning algorithms, allowing users to compare performance across different types of problems and pick the best planner for their needs.

Web App:

Source Code:

Open Motion Planning Library:

Metabolic Pathway Search & Visualization
I am currently in the process of researching and developing an algorithm for finding biologically meaningful pathways in metabolic networks. The goal is to find pathways in a graph of metabolic reactions that conserve a given number of carbon atoms from start to goal. Pathways which conserve a high percentage of atoms from the start to goal compounds will be biologically relevant. So, by tracking atoms, we are more likely to find metabolic pathways of biological importance. The movement of atoms through the pathway's reactions is modeled as the movement of flow through a directed graph. Applications for this work include metabolic engineering, as well as more general flow movement problems.

Source Code:

In addition to the path finding algorithm, I am also developing a web front end for visualizing metabolic pathways. Users have the ability to interact with the visualization, view compound and reaction information, and filter pathways.

This demo is a work in progress. It will take a while to load and is unstable. Demo:

Source Code: